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Since 2001 Wildfire Television has been delivering high quality, entertaining specialist factual programming to broadcasters round the world.


Through our close association with the long-running Channel Four archaeology series, Time Team, Wildfire co-produced over 200 hours of original live programming as well as over 50 story-led historical and archaeological documentaries for prime time television. Memorably, we re-created the famous Woodhenge at Durrington and revealed the mysterious Seahenge in Norfolk. We were the first to tell the full story of Britain’s Drowned World, Doggerland; excavated first world war tunnels and uncovered previously unknown parts of Henry VIII’s palaces.


Feature length documentaries have been an important part of the portfolio - among them Who Downed Douglas Bader?, Digging The Great Escape, The Real Da Vinci Code presented by Tony Robinson, Breathing Fire and When the Moors Ruled in Europe, presented by Bettany Hughes. Wildfire also worked with Bettany on Breaking the Seal for BBC2 and Seven Ages of Britain, a popular history of Britain for C4.


Wildfire has been proud to work extensively with Sir Tony Robinson, producing many films and series including Man on Earth, a history of the impact of climate change on human civilisations; Gods and Monsters, exploring superstitions and religion and three hugely popular series of Walking Through History.

Series for Channel Five using subtle combinations of archive, dramatic recreation and interview have included Inside Broadmoor, Meet the Psychopaths, Inside Holloway and the best sellers Inside Buckingham Palace and Inside Windsor Castle.


We have had international success with many of our own shows and have also been an active co-producer. Three series of Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan were co-produced with Canadian partners, shooting all over the world in some of the most challenging environments.

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